Birth Defect Crisis and “Toxic Legacy” From U.S. Invasion of Iraq

Near Talill Air Base in Iraq, an alarming number of newborns are experiencing severe, and occasionally life-threatening, birth defects. In addition, Fallujah, Iraq, has seen an increase in child mortality, leukemia, and cancer. Read on to learn more about the cause of the crisis and the impact that it has had on communities. What is… Continue reading Birth Defect Crisis and “Toxic Legacy” From U.S. Invasion of Iraq

Beirut Explosion

What happened in Beirut? What was the cause of the Beirut explosion? How many people were killed and injured? Read our article to learn more. About Beirut Explosion The explosion took place at a building near a port in Beirut, Lebanon. The storage facility housed fertilizer and explosives that contained ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate is… Continue reading Beirut Explosion

COVID Around the World

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Unsustainable Practices

What unsustainable practices do you perform every day? Not turning off ignition at signals, not carpooling or using public transport, not recycling or upcycling, and overuse of water. Everyday Unsustainable Practices Studies have shown that a car idling at a light emits around 2x the amount of harmful gasses as a moving vehicle. In addition,… Continue reading Unsustainable Practices

Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

What’s Happening According to UNICEF, the current humanitarian crisis in Yemen is the largest in the world. “Children are being robbed of their futures” (UNICEF, 2020). Statistics are showing that over 80% of the population in Yemen is in need of assistance. 80% percent of the population is nearly 25 million people, with around 12… Continue reading Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

LGBTQ+ and Pride Month

“The LGBTQ+ community wasn’t explained to me once as a child by teachers or my parents.” “The idea that my sexuality would prevent me from having one [relationship]…was confusing and…a little lonely.” “I thought of myself as dysfunctional and horribly wrong.” “I don’t want to tell anyone because I don’t want to be shamed or… Continue reading LGBTQ+ and Pride Month

FDA Approves Coronavirus Antigen Test

On Saturday, the FDA officially approved an antigen test to be used to detect coronavirus. The test uses a nasal swab and can show a positive or negative result within minutes. This particular test finds protein fragments that are typically seen in coronavirus. At this time, only the San Diego organization Quidel Corporation has been… Continue reading FDA Approves Coronavirus Antigen Test