Ethiopia’s military attack on capital of Tigray region

This past Saturday, the military forces of Ethiopia began to attack Mekele, the capital of the northern Tigray region. Diplomatic efforts by three former African presidents were unsuccessful in coming to a truce between the regions. The attacks have been directed against the political party TPFL, controlled the coalition that was in charge of Ethiopia… Continue reading Ethiopia’s military attack on capital of Tigray region

Birth Defect Crisis and “Toxic Legacy” From U.S. Invasion of Iraq

Near Talill Air Base in Iraq, an alarming number of newborns are experiencing severe, and occasionally life-threatening, birth defects. In addition, Fallujah, Iraq, has seen an increase in child mortality, leukemia, and cancer. Read on to learn more about the cause of the crisis and the impact that it has had on communities. What is… Continue reading Birth Defect Crisis and “Toxic Legacy” From U.S. Invasion of Iraq

What is the cause of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia?

Over the past few weeks, fighting has occurred between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The conflict has caused a number of casualties, both military and civilian. Read on to learn more. What is the cause of the conflict? The conflict began as over the dispute for the separatist territory of Nagorno-Karabakh. Local ethnic forces of Armenia had… Continue reading What is the cause of the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia?

Extreme Floods In Afghanistan And Pakistan

This post will be updated as more information becomes available. Check back on this page later to learn more about this developing story. What happened? This past week, severe storms have laid waste to 13 provinces in Afghanistan and parts of Pakistan. As a result, flash floods were seen across the northern part of Afghanistan… Continue reading Extreme Floods In Afghanistan And Pakistan

Beirut Explosion

What happened in Beirut? What was the cause of the Beirut explosion? How many people were killed and injured? Read our article to learn more. About Beirut Explosion The explosion took place at a building near a port in Beirut, Lebanon. The storage facility housed fertilizer and explosives that contained ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate is… Continue reading Beirut Explosion

COVID Around the World

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Concentration Camps in Xinjiang

For the past two years, China has claimed that the camps in the Xinjiang province are “vocational skills training centers.” New information has recently come forward confirming fears that these are concentration camps housing Uyghur Muslims. The Uyghur people are a Turkic ethnic minority, most of whom are Sunni Muslims. Around eleven million Uyghur Muslims… Continue reading Concentration Camps in Xinjiang

Climate Refugees

More and more people are being forced to become climate refugees as climate change continues to change the world and affect lives. What are “Climate Refugees” Climate refugees is not an extremely accurate term since the internationally used definition of the word “refugee” means a person who has crossed an international border for “…fear of… Continue reading Climate Refugees

Human Rights Pt. 1

Human rights are violated and ignored in countless countries around this world. This post will focus on violations in the United States. Human Rights Violations Tulsa, Oklahoma, is an example of a place in the United States that has experienced Human Rights violations. In 1921, a massacre took place in what was then known as… Continue reading Human Rights Pt. 1